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The Swift Life

Flashback to 2006. Life was easy. Simple. I was 7, my parents were still together and elementary school was easy. One morning on CMT, a music video for a brand new artist named Taylor Swift came on. From then on, my life changed

Now, that’s dramatic. My life did change though.

The biggest constant in my life has been Taylor Swift and her music. From being 8 listening to Love Story and 21 listening to Cardigan. I was known as the Taylor Swift girl in High School. In fact, I’ve been told by people I’m not even friends with that when they hear Taylor Swift they think of me.

I’ve been to five concerts (Let’s Talk Concerts), own multiple copies of all the CDs, and so much merch I can’t even remember what all I have.

I can go weeks at a time and the only artist I listen to is Taylor. She does have 8 albums so I’m not listening to same song over and over. Though I can also do that with some of my favorites.

The Swift Life is a great life!