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Favorite Songs That Aren’t Taylor Swift

Today we’re going to talk about some of my favorite songs! Since we already know that I love everything Taylor Swift, this list will exclude all of her songs. I’m picking one song per artist.

If I show you all my demons

And we dive into the deep end

Would we crash and burn like every time before?

Selena Gomez

It’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you

Everything I do

I tell you all the time

Heaven is a place on earth with you

Lana Del Rey

I’m in a field of dandelions

Wishing on every one that you’ll be mine, mine

And I see forever in your eyes

I feel okay when I see you smile, smile

Ruth B.

She said

Don’t walk away

Leave what we could be behind

Don’t leave me standing here

Don’t say not this time

  • Stay With me by R5 I’ve mentioned in posts (Top Ten TV Shows) that I loved Austin and Ally. The actor who played Austin had his own band with his siblings and this is my favorite song by them.

I’m sorry but I fell in love tonight

I didn’t mean to fall in love tonight


So far away but still so near

The lights come on, the music dies

But you don’t see me standing here

I just came to say goodbye

Calum Scott

I miss you pushing me close to the edge

I wish I knew what I had when I left

Zara Larsson

I know you’ve got the best intentions

Just trying to find the right words to say

I promise, I’ve already learned my lesson

But right now, I wanna be not okay

Katelyn Tarver
  • You Don’t Know by Katelyn Tarver I went through a phase where I loved the show Big Time Rush. Katelyn was an actress on the show and I fell in love with her music. This is one of her newest songs and it hits deep.

‘Cause people like you always want back what they can’t have

But I’m past that and you know that

Conan Gray
  • Maniac by Conan Gray This is the best song to just jam to. The lyrics and the beat just make me want to dance.

Then only for a minute

I want to change my mind

‘Cause this just don’t feel right to me

Marshmello ft. Bastille

So you say to me now

“I need nothing from nobody”

But I can see it on your face you’re hurting

Grab a hold of me

Dean Lewis
  • Hold Of Me by Dean Lewis Another way I find music is through TV shows. The first time I heard this song on some show, I knew I needed to download it.

If it doesn’t go away by the time I turn thirty

I made a mistake and I’ll tell you I’m sorry

Gracie Abrams

Ain’t nobody hurt you like I hurt you

But ain’t nobody love you like I do

Ed Sheeran

She’s dancing on your feet

With our song on repeat

She’s taking off her clothes

In the bed you kept me warm

Heard she’s everything I never was

Clara Mae
  • I’m Not Her Clara Mae I don’t remember how I found Clara Mae but I now love her. All of her songs are so good and she reminds me of a Swedish Taylor Swift

I’ll be your quiet afternoon crush

Be your violent overnight rush

Make you crazy over my touch

  • Supercut by Lorde And finally we have Lorde! Her album Melodrama is a masterpiece and Supercut is simply her best.

And those are some of my favorite songs! Do we have any of the same ones? Let me know!

Let’s Talk Concerts

Everyone loves concerts! Do you remember your first concert? I don’t. Mine was apparently Keith Urban who came to our town to preform at FYE. He was just starting his career and I was a baby.

12 year old me at the Big Time Rush concert
This was taken on a Blackberry camera. Excuse the bad quality

The first concert I remember was at the high school in town. I do not remember the name of the singer but I know I got her to sign my CD.

Since then, I have been to many concerts that I remember and look back on fondly. I’m gonna list them!

14 year old me at a Taylor Swift concert
14 year old me was thriving
  • Big Time Rush (2011)– The year was 2011 and I was 12. My dad surprised me with tickets to see Big Time Rush, my boyband of choice, at the York fair. It was a great day singing Nothing Even Matters and Worldwide. I’ll always remember that night.
  • Taylor Swift Red Tour (2013)- The year I went to my first Taylor Swift concert with a twisted ankle! When I saw that Taylor was in Philly, I begged my dad to buy us tickets the day before, despite my hurt foot. 45 minutes before she was supposed to come out, a thunderstorm started and the concert was delayed. Dad and I waited with everyone else inside the building. Eventually, when it was all done, the show went on. And the show was awesome.
16 year old me at the Taylor Swift concert
16 year old me was thriving even more .
  • Ed Sheeran (2014)– After seeing Ed Sheeran open up for Taylor on the Red Tour, I fell in love with him. When I found out he was going to be close to me, I begged my dad to go. We went and, of course, it poured down rain before he came on but the concert still went on as scheduled. An A plus night.
  • Taylor Swift 1989 Tour (2015)– I saw the 1989 tour twice. Once with mom, another with dad. The perks of having divorced parents. My life peeked at the 1989 tour and I look back with nostalgia.
19 year old me at the Taylor Swift concert
19 year old me hasn’t been the same.
  • Scotty McCreery (2015)– My town fair always has people come perform. I never cared about that before but my friends wanted to go see Scotty McCreery so we went. It was a good concert but I mostly think about getting to spend the night with my friends. Nothing is better than a fun night with friends.
  • Selena Gomez Revival Tour (2016)– Oh the time I decided not to take the SAT so I could go to a concert! (Don’t worry, I did take the SAT eventually.) We went to the arena in DC and had nose bleed seats. The seats were so high it felt like we were tilting and one wrong move and we would plummet to our death.
  • Taylor Swift Reputation Tour (2018)– I saw the Reputation tour twice. Once with my great aunt Marcia, and then with my dad and second cousin Andrea and her friend. My life peeked for a second time at this concert and I’m thankful it’s available on Netflix to relive any time I want.

And those were the concerts I have been to in the last almost ten years! Have you been to any of these? Let me know!

To hear about my love of Taylor Swift go to The Swift Life

The Swift Life

Flashback to 2006. Life was easy. Simple. I was 7, my parents were still together and elementary school was easy. One morning on CMT, a music video for a brand new artist named Taylor Swift came on. From then on, my life changed

Now, that’s dramatic. My life did change though.

The biggest constant in my life has been Taylor Swift and her music. From being 8 listening to Love Story and 21 listening to Cardigan. I was known as the Taylor Swift girl in High School. In fact, I’ve been told by people I’m not even friends with that when they hear Taylor Swift they think of me.

I’ve been to five concerts (Let’s Talk Concerts), own multiple copies of all the CDs, and so much merch I can’t even remember what all I have.

I can go weeks at a time and the only artist I listen to is Taylor. She does have 8 albums so I’m not listening to same song over and over. Though I can also do that with some of my favorites.

The Swift Life is a great life!