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Adventures of Milo

As I’m writing this Milo is asleep in his cage. Thankfully. I wouldn’t be able to focus on this if he was up and walking…
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The Cat on the Leash

The Cat in the Hat is a legendary story. Every little kid reads the blue and white book. But what if I told you there…
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Charlie #1

When I was little, we had a cat named Charlie. He died. We got another cat and I named him Charlie number 2. Very original, I know. We didn’t keep him long because my mom had a daycare and the cat scratched one of the kids. 

From then I was taught to hate cats.

What does that mean? 

Charlie #2

It means that I have a tough time coming up with my own opinions and let others dictate how I feel. And that included how I felt about cats. 

My friends hated cats. My parents and other family members talked down on them. Me being the impressionable child and teen I fell into that notion too. 


It wasn’t until I was a senior in high school, when the therapist I was seeing at the time recommended to my mom I should have an animal to focus on, that I saw the error of my ways.

A guy my mom worked with at the time was looking to get rid of a kitten. 

The stars aligned and now I have a son. 

His name is Milo and he is now four. Check back here for posts about mine and Milo’s adventures.

My son

I guess I’ll just stumble on home to my cats

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