Top Ten Movies

The dance scene in the Cinderella Story movie

I did a top ten tv shows list. Now I have for you my top ten movies!

1.Cinderella Story

I have probably watched this movie more times than I have any other movie. I can quote it, I can picture the scenes in my head. My name is Sam and the guy I liked in the fifth grade was Austin. I could be living out my very own Cinderella Story.

Peter Kavinsky in the movie To All the Book's I've Loved Before

2.To All the Boy’s I’ve Loved Before

My love for this movie rivals Cinderella Story. I mean my favorite book being turned into a movie? Can’t get better than that! I will be waiting for Netflix to release the third movie.

The robbery scene in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's

3.Breakfast at Tiffany’s

In my Top Ten TV Shows post, I mentioned that Gossip Girl introduced me to Audrey Hepburn movies. Breakfast at Tiffany’s was the first Audrey movie I watched and my favorite. I became obsessed with the Tiffany’s jewelry store and that very shade of blue.

4.La La Land

The Mia and Sebastian dance scene in the La La Land movie

My mom and I saw this in theatres four times. Everything from the music to the directing to the acting. The soundtrack still comes on shuffle four years later. The ending? A masterpiece.

The air port scene in the Love Rosie Movie

5.Love Rosie

Taylor Swift in the Miss Americana movie

A friends to lovers romance spanning almost thirty years? Pure art. It kick started my love of Sam Claflin and his beautiful face. Also we love a British accent.

6.Miss. Americana

Does a documentary about Taylor Swift count as a movie? To me, yes. It makes me cry, laugh and smile.

7.The Duff

Homecoming scene in the movie The Duff

They hadn’t made any good teen movies since the early 2000’s before this movie came out. And there haven’t been many since then. We need more teen movies that are good! It’s funny with out being vulgar or cringy and the romance is perfectly set up. What else can you ask for?

Ending scene in the Zootopia movie


I love Disney and Pixar movies. Sue me. Zootopia just makes me want a Bunny and a fox to be together. It also reminds me of my favorite show Lucifer.

Bryce realizing he likes Julie in the Flipped movie.


I’m thankful I saw this DVD in the clearance bin at Dollar General all those years ago. There’s something about the girl loving the boy, getting over the boy, then the boy loving the girl.

End scene in You've Got Mail movie.

10.You’ve got mail

The superior Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks movie!

And those are some of my favorite movies! Do we have similar faves? Let me know!

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