Will I Ever Finish Writing What I Start?

Writing. It isn’t for everyone.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved making up and writing stories. I was that kid who talked to her self about people she made up. I still love making up stories in my head. In fact, I’ve probably started to write upwards of five separate books!

And that is my issue.

My pinterests boards for books I've started writing
Pinterest boards for books I haven’t finished

I’ve probably written over 50,000 words combined with all the stories I have started. I spend anywhere from a week to six months working on one story before moving on to the next one. I got pretty close to almost finishing one a few years ago but I stopped before I could.

I’m also not good with getting criticism for some things. Especially my writing that I am proud of. I would be terrified that I’d finish a book, publish it and everyone would hate it. I’d get bad reviews and the thing I was so proud of would be torn apart.

One day I want to go back and read through all of the stories I’ve written. Maybe I’ll feel a spark and have to finish the book. Or I’ll be destined to fill my google docs with half written stories.

I may not have finished writing a book, but I do talk about books a lot! Check it out here. Bookish Life