Stories That Sound Fake But Are True

Today, I’m going to tell you two stories about me that sound like they would be the lie in two truths and a lie.

Do you ever have something happen to you that makes you think, “wow no one would believe this?” Yes? No? Well, it happens to me all the time.

The broken wrists

First, we’re gonna talk about the time I broke both of my wrists. Yes, both of them at one time. My dad did not like those medical bills.

The only picture I have to prove the broken wrist story
The only picture I have of my casts

It was Father’s Day, 2008. My parents had just separated back in March so it was the first Father’s Day with just me and my dad. We went to Gettysburg to look at the monuments. When we were looking for the name of my bunch of greats grandfather, I wasn’t paying attention and fell down three concrete steps head first, my wrists breaking my fall. I was in pain but I didn’t want to go to the hospital yet because I wanted to wait until I got to Cumberland, where my mom was.

Half way there, though, I was in so much discomfort that my dad stopped at the hospital in Hagerstown. When we got there I had to pee but on the account of my in pain wrists I couldn’t go by myself so my dad had to help me. I was only nine at the time, thankfully. While we were talking to the nurse to check in, I was so emotional that I told my mom over the phone that, “if I don’t make it I want you to know I love you.” They all told me I was being silly and that I wasn’t going to die. Yeah, I didn’t believe that at the time but since I’m writing this today I guess I did make it. So, summer 2008 was spent with purple and red, because they were out of pink, casts on my arms. Fun times.

Sleep walking stories

the dresser from the sleep walking stories
This is what the dresser looked like

When I was in elementary school, I went through a period of time where I moved in my sleep. Not just tossing and turning, no I tossed and turned my way out of bed. I have many stories of waking up and being in the dining room or hallway but the best one is when I moved a dresser. Yes, a dresser. I woke up in the middle of the night and realized I was standing up and holding my dresser that I managed to turn around. Not knowing what to do, I decided to just get back in bed and wait till morning.

When I did wake up, and try to flip the dresser around, I discovered that I couldn’t lift it. Now, to this day, even over ten years later, my mom jokes that I get super strength in my sleep and every time we move it should be in the middle of the night so I can carry the big things. Another time I woke up and I had my TV in my arms, lifting it off of the entertainment stand that was in my room. At the time, I had a box TV. What was wrong with me?

Do you believe me? Are the stories just too outrageous to be made up? My parents can testify that I always kept things interesting. Still do.

Does any one have any stories that sound fake but are true? Let me know! Gonna go move my book shelf in my sleep now!

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