Adventures of Milo

As I’m writing this Milo is asleep in his cage. Thankfully. I wouldn’t be able to focus on this if he was up and walking around. You see, my four year old knows how to open doors. Any four year old human you’d accept to be able to open doors. But a cat? Yeah, he’s something. This is the adventures of Milo

It’s surprising when I say that Milo can open doors. I was surprised the first time he did it, too. He’s able to stretch his body and pull down on the door handle. It opens just enough that he can slip through it. The way my dorm is set up he doesn’t get out of my actual room but if I’m not careful he can escape my room and go to my suitemates.

One thing that people who hate cats say is they’re boring and all they do is sleep. Any cat owner knows that they may sleep a lot but they’re also unpredictable. I could write a children’s series about the adventures of my black fat cat.

Scene one would be the first month we had him. My mom had made a pizza and left half of it on the stove, forgetting that we now had an animal that can jump on counters. She comes out to the kitchen to get another slice when she sees Milo licking the pizza clean. All that was left was some sauce and bread.

Next is the time he stole a chicken wing out of my step dad’s hand. My step dad was in the dining room eating wings and got distracted watching tv. In comes Milo who grabbed it out of his hands.

Then the time my mom accidently left the basement door open and he snuck out in the rain. He came back up stairs and my step dad said, “why is he all wet?” We discovered that he got out.

Scene four is the time he got on our kitchen island and rang the bell that hangs above it.

The time we left him downstairs by him self for one second and came back to find him eating my grandma’s plant. She was maaaaddd.

Next is Milo chasing a grass hopper in the grass.

Scene seven would be the time he was so scared of thunder he ran all over the house and tried to find a place to hide.

Scene eight would be the times he eats ice cream. Not from a spoon, or my finger. No, my crazy boy wants the ice cream to be put on his fur to lick off of it.

And the list goes on.

And those were the adventures of Milo! Any stories of a crazy cat? Let me know below!

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