The Cat on the Leash

The Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the Hat is a legendary story. Every little kid reads the blue and white book. But what if I told you there is an even better story about a cat? Such as, instead of a cat in a hat, it’s a leash on a cat?

Yes, I, Samantha H Summers, born in the great year of 99, walk my cat on a leash. Outside.

Since 2018, the spring of my freshman year of college, I have walked him outside the dorms.

Common phrases I hear

  • “Woah, is that a cat?”
  • “I thought that was a dog.”
  • “Wow that’s a big/fat cat.”
  • “I’ve never seen a cat on a leash before.”
  • “Was it hard to teach him to walk on the leash?”

And many more. I love that my fat black cat on his blue leash that is meant for dogs catches people off guard.

Cat on leash

Today, I will answer those questions.

Yes, that is a cat. No, it is not a dog. Yes, he is a big/fat cat. He’s long though so his fat is equally distributed. Cats on leashes aren’t any where near as mainstream as dogs on leashes (or cats in hats) but people do walk their cats. Most just let them roam outside on their own but a leash can be beneficial especially when you don’t have a fenced in yard. And finally, no, it wasn’t hard to teach him to walk with it on. The first day he was confused on what he was supposed to do so I had to drag him around. But after a while he got used to it and now loves it.

Do you have a cat you walk on a leash? Do you get the weird looks?

To be fair, a lot of people love when they see Milo on his leash. They say it makes them smile and that’s what I want my fat cat on his blue leash to do. To hear more about Milo’s adventures, check out Adventures of Milo.

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