Top Ten TV Shows

Today I am going to talk about TV shows. Ahhh, TV. One of my first loves and obsessions. I can track what was going on in my life by what TV shows I was obsessed with at the time. Let’s list some of them!

Joey from friends.

1. Friends

My obsession with Friends started when I was just a little girl. I was born in 99, well into the ten year run of the sitcom. My parents loved watching it so I was introduced to it young. I remember watching the season eight finale, when Rachel had her baby, live. I got the tenth season on DVD for Christmas when I was five or six. It will forever be my comfort sitcom.

Sonny from Sonny With a Chance

2. Sonny With a Chance

Ahhhh, Sonny With a Chance. My first Disney Channel obsession. And the first TV show to let me down. I’ll never forgive Demi Lovato for going to rehab and not filming season three. Now I’ll never know if Sonny and Chad got back together. Le sigh. I can still quote every episode. I had a problem as a ten year old.

3. Pretty Little Liars

The Pretty Little Liars reacting to a text

I remember the first time I watched Pretty Little Liars. It was the summer before sixth grade and I was home alone. I flipped through the channels and stopped on what was still ABC Family. I watched the latter half of season one and the premiere of season two. Loved it so much I made my dad buy me the first season on DVD. The first three seasons we everything to me. Sadly, the show got bad after awhile but I will forever hold the first seasons in my heart.

Ally hugging Austin in Austin and Ally

4. Austin & Ally

My second Disney channel obsession! The show reminds me a lot of Sonny With a Chance and it could be the reason I liked it at the beginning. But after a while it became it’s own thing and is another comfort show for me.

Blair Waldorf eating a macaron.

5. Gossip Girl

Now we have one of the biggest obsessions. I went to FYE and they had the first season on DVD. The show had already finished airing at the time. I watched the first season and loved it. At the time Netflix wasn’t as popular so I actually had to go out and buy the DVDs. The feeling of waiting for after school to go buy season three is one I’ll never forget. I love this show so much that I’ve visited most of the spots from the TV show when ever I go to NYC. It also got me into Audrey Hepburn and headbands.

Christi from Dance Moms.

6. Dance Moms

My reality TV love! This show makes me happy when I think about it because it was one I watched with my dad. We loved watching it on Saturday nights and making fun of the moms. My dad and I bound over our TV shows and this was one I’ll always have fond memories of.

7. New Girl

Nick, Winston and Schmidt from New Girl.

Another comedy! This is one that is similar to friends. A group of friends live together and experience life and love together. The characters are so well thought out and just amazingly acted. I put it on when ever I just want to relax. I love my comfort characters.

8. Miraculous: The Adventures of Ladybug and Catnoir

Lady bug and Cat Noir

Ah a cartoon that is surprisingly complex. I first heard about this show my freshman year of college. I was in French class and a girl was talking about this cartoon she watches that helps her with her French. It was on Netflix so I thought might as well give it a try. Though I watched it in English so it didn’t help my French but I did love the show. I can’t explain why but there’s something about teenagers being super heroes and saving Paris and having innocent crushes that makes me happy.

Anne hitting Gilbert with her Slate

9. Anne With an E

Now we have my late 1800’s characters. I sadly have never read the Anne of Green Gables show but when I saw this show on Netflix, I had to watch it. I made my Grandma watched it and she also loved it. That’s a glowing recommendation.

10. Lucifer

My current obsession! We love a show that manages to be about the devil but feel like a family drama. I could go on and on about the show but I’m tired and all that truly needs to be said is watch it.

Rory and Lorelai.

Honorable mention because as I was finishing this I forgot about one! I also love Gilmore Girls. I don’t love it as much any more because the Netflix revival ruined the show for me but I will always love Rory Gilmore for giving me inspiration to study.

And those were some of my favorite TV shows! Do we have any in common? Did I inspire you to watch one? Let me know!

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